Vancouver, BC

Moscow thrills day and night

Art, history and majesty

The largest country in the whole world, powerful as hell and ruled by the strongest and most popular president in the world, Russia. Currently standing in a "bad guy" position, and who knows whether it's deserved, but no matter what this country is like unbreakable rock in the middle of ocean, and it seems like no wind no storm can destroy it,…

Vancouver, BC

Bulgakov Hostel

Moscow, Russia

They say, Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, boasting with billionaires, expensive cars, the most colossal building in the world, and for a cup of coffee you will spend a fortune, but everyone want to go there, at least to see whether it's true. Well, you won't find unfriendly or cold people in one of the first hostel ever…

Vancouver, BC

Moscow - a heart of Russia

New old capital city

Capital and heart of Russia - Moscow. One day it was the capital of communist empire, nowadays a home for many billionaires a political, historical, business and academic center of Russia. An undeniable place to visit, mix of remains of dictatorship and present capitalism. For those who think that Moscow is still a grey, cold and dangerous city…

Vancouver, BC

International Women's day

More flowers every day!

There is one day for the beloved women, 8th of March that celebrates almost all world, I would say the second after Mother's day that is remembered world wide. This day is annually held to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across all the nations, the day is also known as United Nations Day for women's Rights and International…

Vancouver, BC

Russian Winter Festival in Moscow

Huge event

Some think that winter is not the best time to travel, nevertheless, there are plenty places and activities that you should see and do just in winter time. One of those is musts is Russian Winter Festival in Moscow. The most famous and biggest in Russia is a huge event, which starts in mid-December and finishes in mid-January. The festival…

Vancouver, BC

Fashion Show in Moscow

Long Awaited Catwalk

This is the time fro fashion, Autumn, all the new collection for winter is there, the shows are spread all over the Europe, Paris, Milan and many more, Moscow has its turn this week. Russians are famous with their bright dressing style, you can recognise them on the street, in the shops, or just doing some casual stuff, I would say , more is…

Vancouver, BC

Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow

Theatre of theaters

There is probably no other culture institution which stands more for Russian art and Russian theatre, Russian opera and ballet than the famous Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. It's been always a symbol of Russia itself. It's very beginning goes back till 1776 and it was founded by Empress Catherine II. Now after a long time of restauration (Which…

Vancouver, BC

Moscow is the MOST

Golden age in Art

You know where to get the most expensive coffee cups in the world? The most colossal building in the world coming soon? Where are the most billionaires boasting? Where the most famous ballet artists have been born? There is no better reason why the popular night club in Moscow is called The Most! Moscow is know as a great, big metropolis, with cold…


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